Nanyehi - The Short Film




Nanyehi, also known as Nancy Ward, was bestowed the title of "Beloved Woman of the Cherokee," the highest position a Cherokee woman could hold.  She was first honored as a War Woman, then as a Peacemaker in the late 1700’s.  

Our story begins with elderly Nanyehi feeling nostalgic about her lost home of Chota and her first love. We discover that the Americans are asking for more land from the Cherokee people.  Nanyehi takes a walk in the woods to think of what the appropriate actions should be taken to protect the rights of the Cherokee people.

As Nanyehi enters the woods, she is transformed into her young self.  She is visited by several spirits of her past, that remind her of the various transforming events of her life. As Nanyehi comes face to face with the troubles of her past, she is reminded by her own words on how to handle her present dilemma, in order to preserve the lands of her people.